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DR Power Super Store has a wide array of product to get your project finished. We also have the ability to order any DR Power product that you need.

We also are happy to service any piece of equipment that is sold at our store so you never have to worry. Visit our showroom today or call us to fill your equipment needs.


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DR Power Super Store, your power equipment depot, is a sister company to Current Electrical & Generator Services and prides itself in obtaining highly trained support staff with the philosophy to provide superior services to our valued clients.

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How to Sharpen the Blade of a DR Power Lawn Mower?

How to Sharpen the Blade of a DR Power Lawn Mower?

A lawn mower blade is a specialized tool that rips and cuts the grass. Over time, the blades of a lawn mower becomes dull, due to which it can’t effectively cut the grass. A dull blade will pull and rip the grass resulting in ragged tears. This will weaken the plant,...

DR Power Lawn Mower: Engine Types and Sizes

DR Power Lawn Mower: Engine Types and Sizes

Self-propelled lawn mowers have different types of engines. The mowers can trim the grass at different speeds. These mowers don’t require a human to guide the mower for cutting the grass. DR Power lawn mowers have quality blades that can cut the grass at different...

6 Critical Safety Tips When Operating a DR Power Lawn Mower

6 Critical Safety Tips When Operating a DR Power Lawn Mower

Lawn mower injuries are common in the US. Every year over 87,000 Americans are badly injured and many die due to reckless use of lawn mower. Blades of a DR Power lawn mower spin at the rate of about a thousand feet in a minute. These blades can inflict serious injury...