awhite house and cropped lawn


Once the snow melts and your lawn comes into full view, chances are you will be itching to get out there and fix the damage the ice did. Besides using your lawn mower, you can use other tips to make your lawn look professionally landscaped yourself. Here are some ways you can increase your home’s curb appeal just by sprucing up your lawn:

1.    Join Points of Interest with a Walkway

Rather than just trampling down your lawn into a seamless whole, make it interesting instead. Create an artificial pathway of dead grass between the patio, garden and fire pit to connect them. You can use any material at your disposal to make the pathway such as bricks, crushed stone or even natural flagstone. It’s all about connecting elements that can come together for a great effect.

Make sure that you connect elements of the same material that your home is made out of, such as stone or brick. It will tie the aesthetics together quite nicely. You can also use the material to create a stunning edge along the walkway.

2.    Use Starter Fertilizer

When you plant anything into the ground, don’t forget to use starter fertilizer to give it a boost. The best brands are low in nitrogen and have a bit of phosphorus. Top quality ones also have beneficial fungi that can improve soil health and allow the roots of the plant to draw nutrients.

A quality starter fertilizer and a good planting technique can ensure you get good growth that can make your landscaping stand out. Just make sure that you maintain and trim that growth or your yard will look like a jungle fast. Use Huntsville outdoor power equipment for this.

3.    Incorporate Curved Instead Of Straight Lines

Frame your landscaping by adding edging around your flower gardens, the foundation of the house, sidewalks and driveways. Do this in curves rather than straight lines to make the design more appealing. Long, serpentine edges can give your landscaping character that even professionals marvel at.

That edging is permanent, which means that your landscape will look fantastic year round as long as you maintain it. You may have to use your lawn mower to trim out weeds that grow between the materials from time to time.

A landscape is only as beautiful as its maintenance schedule. Make sure that you water and mulch new plants regularly. The effort will add a nice touch to the whole ensemble and keep weeds in check at the same time. All in all, it will also increase the value of your home.

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