battery powered lawn mower

Gardening and yard work are great activities that offers numerous health benefits. Moreover, gardening or yard work can be helpful in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Overall, it’s an excellent activity to relax your mind. However, it can be overwhelming and tiresome for many people due to the physical labor involved. If only there was a way to make yardwork a lot easier.

Oh, wait, there is!

Use these four tools to make your life easier and enjoy the yard work without any hassle:

battery powered lawn mower

An electric power lawnmower

When it comes to yard work, mowing the lawn is one of the most tedious tasks that require a lot of time and effort. However, the chore must be done to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the yard. Using an electric mower allows you to keep the grass surface to an even height, which provides a clean and neat appearance.

An electric mower is a handy outdoor power equipment when you have a mow a mid to large-sized yard. It offers a host of benefits over its gas-powered counterpart. For starters, the device is lightweight as it doesn’t have a heavy motor attached, which makes it more convenient to maneuver it. Secondly, it comes with a push-button start and doesn’t need cranking or pulling.

Thirdly, it saves tons of money spent on gasoline. You can easily power an electric mower using an outlet at significantly reduced rates. In addition, it’s better for the environment as it doesn’t emit exhaust. Finally, an electric-powered lawn power is effortless to maintain, especially when compared to gas mowers.

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We recommend opting for a battery-powered mower as they can be powered by a rechargeable battery without needing to be plugged in all the time, which makes the mowing process more comfortable and safer. Ideally, you should buy a model that provides a minimum of 700W brushless motor and 45 minutes of run time.

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A blower

Gone are the days when gardeners used rakes to clear the debris and leaves manually. In today’s busy lifestyle, it’s difficult enough to find time to do yard work, let alone wasting hours raking, only to be left with sore arms. Do yourself a favor and get a high-quality blower. You’ll thank us later.

A blower will make it incredibly easier and quicker to clear leaves from your yard. It requires little to no effort and can easily be used by anyone. Blowers come in two different types; gas and electric. We highly recommend using the electric variant, more specifically, battery-powered blowers.

A battery-powered blower, as the name suggests, doesn’t require a cord, which means you can easily walk around your yard and clear the leaves without worrying about the length of the cord. Moreover, it’s incredibly light in weight, which makes it easier to carry it for a longer duration without causing pain in your arms.

Blowers are not only useful for clearing leaves, but can also be used to get rid of dirt and debris from your yard. Also, they can be useful to clear snow and keep the pathway clear during winters. We recommend buying a blower with a 560-watt brushless motor and around 45 minutes run-time per charge.

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A string trimmer

Many homeowners and landscaping professionals use string trimmers to maintain lawns. It’s an outdoor power equipment that will allow you to cut unwanted grass and weed in your yard efficiently. Now you might be wondering why you should buy a string trimmer when you already have a lawnmower sitting at your garage.

The answer is simple: because a string trimmer can reach areas that a lawnmower cannot. It can provide an accurate and precise trim around fences, sidewalks, and driveways, which isn’t possible using a lawnmower.

Does it mean you should buy a string trimmer instead of a mower? Absolutely not! Both power tools serve different purposes.

You cannot possibly trim your entire yard using a string trimmer. A lawnmower is a logical and suitable option for that. Similarly, you cannot use a lawnmower to reach narrow spots around flower pots, trees, and even underneath benches. Therefore, having both gardening tools is crucial to maintain a beautiful and clean yard.

When choosing a string trimmer, you are—again—presented with two variants: gas and electric. And again, we’d recommend using an electric string trimmer. Unlike gas trimmers that emit fumes and generate a lot of noise, electric string trimmers enable quiet and efficient operation without producing harmful gases, which can be bad for your health and the environment.

Furthermore, they are lightweight, easy to use, and offer great value for money. When buying an electric string trimmer, you should consider three factors, speed, power, and charge time. An ideal string trimmer has a 450-watt brushless motor, offers up to 45 run time, and has options to change speed drive.

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A chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are ideal for you if you prefer taking care of the woodwork yourself. In fact, it’s a useful cutting tool. From cutting firewood to carrying out a DIY-project, this powerful outdoor power equipment can be used to perform a variety of tasks.

As you’d probably guess, we’ll recommend you to opt for an electric chainsaw. It’s compact, lightweight, and requires little to no maintenance. Unlike petrol chainsaws, it doesn’t emit toxic fumes, which can lead to health complications. Moreover, they allow for quieter operations, so you won’t have to worry about noise complaints.

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Just make sure you know how to handle a chainsaw safely. We recommend buying the right protective clothing and equipment, including safety glasses and gloves. An electric chainsaw with a 1500-watt brushless motor will be ideal for performing any gardening chores without any hassle.

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Final word

Repetitive, manual work can take away the fun and joy out of yard work and ruin your gardening experience. Invest in these four essential gardening tools so you can enjoy the health and mental benefits of this wonderful activity without breaking your back, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

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