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Lawn mowers are essential outdoor power equipment used to maintain lawns. But many people are not aware about the how they should properly maintain the garden using a lawn mower.

In this blog post, you will learn some important tips for maintaining your lawn using a lawn mower.

Use Mower to Create Striped Lawn

You can use a lawn mower to create a striped lawn. Creating a striped lawn is particularly easy for cool season grass such as rye, fescue, and bluegrass. It is also possible for warm season grass such as Zoysia and Bermuda. But the stripes are not as visible since warm grasses does not bend easily.

To create a striped lawn using the mower, you should mow the first stripe and then create a U turn when you reach the end of the stripe. Mow the second stipe at the opposite direction but parallel to the first stripe. Mow the final strip around the edges of the yard to cover the turn marks.

Creating stripes for the lawn will actually be healthier for your lawn. The same mowing pattern will result in uneven spots and ruts. Keeping the grass striped at the same height will also prevent accelerated wear and tear of the mower blades.

Be Careful When Mowing Wet Grass

Grass becomes soft after it rains. You need to be careful as mowing wet grass increases the risk of pulling up the lawn.

Mow the lawn slowly by pulling back the throttle. This will make the blades spin slowly over the grass thereby reducing the risk of pulling up the grass.

Sharp blades are also important when mowing wet grass. Additionally, you should keep the mower height to the highest level to avoid tearing off the lawn.

Lastly, you should not mow wet grass on hills and inclines. Let the grass dry before mowing wet grass on steep inclines to avoid damage.

After you have finished mowing the wet grass, you should clean the deck and the blades. This is important to prevent the growth of molds.

Mulch Leaves Using a Mower

Leaves mulch can help improve your grass. You can use a rotary-action garden mower for mulching leaves. Moreover, side-discharge mowers and high power mulching mowers are also recommended. You should opt for Huntsville outdoor power equipment for mulching leaves.

Keep Safe While Mowing Lawn

Wear proper footwear and eye protection when mowing the lawn. The blades of a lawn mower move at a very high speed. They can eject debris including sticks and branches at a very high speed. Avoid mowing the lawn with bare feet and wear long pants to reduce the chances of a serious injury.

Young children below 12 years should not be allowed to use the lawn mower. Moreover, only a single person should be on a riding mower. Carrying passengers in a riding mower is dangerous and can result in an injury.

Store the mower indoors during winters. Make sure that you empty fuel from the lawn mower when storing the mower. This is important as fumes from the fuel stored in a mower can result in a fire.

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