Huntsville outdoor power equipment

Different types of DR Power Equipment differ in functionalities, power, and price. With so many power tools to choose from, selecting the right one for a farm can be a bit difficult and confusing.

Often times, farmers choose the wrong equipment, which is not suitable for maintaining the land. They might buy power equipment that is too small – or too big – for the task.

The following list consists of essential agricultural power equipment suitable for different tasks. After reading this post, you will know what Huntsville outdoor power equipment to buy for your farm business.

Power PRO XL Rototiller


A tractor rototiller helps in cultivating the crops. You can use the DR Power rototiller to crop plants in long rows. The tiller attaches to the tractor that you can use to develop and turn the soil.

DR Power PRO XL rototiller is suitable for tilling 11 inches deep and 18-inch wide path. You can select forward tine rotation for working on existing crops or the counter tine for cultivating new land. The counter tine feature allows sod busting even with the toughest soil, making it suitable for cultivation.

DR Tractor-Mounted Brush Hog


You can use DR Power Bush Hog for preparing the land for farming. The equipment can help large clear fields and cut through dense vegetation. The rotary brush is suitable for Category 1 tractors with 20 to 45 HP output.

With the DR Power Bush Hog, you can clear thick vegetation, including brambles and bushes up to an inch in diameter. The equipment can mow down 60-inch width vegetation in one go. It will allow you to cut dense overgrowth between 3 to 10 inches in height.

Put your tractor to work, clearing fields or cutting trails through the dense overgrowth. This rotary brush hog has a 60-inch working width and will make it easy to cut thick vegetation, including brush and brambles up to one inch in diameter.

DR Power Cultivator


DR Power Cultivator is an ATV or tractor attachment for preparing the field. You can remove weeds and uproot glass roots using the equipment.

The equipment cuts through a 48-inch wide path. It has shank springs with removable shovels that allow the cultivator to overcome big roots and rocks. You can raise or lower the shovels up to 6 inches in depth using a lever.

Drag Harrow ATV Attachment


DR Drag Harrow is heavy-duty equipment that you can use to level ground plots. With the DR Power equipment, you can also break up clods of soil. It has 69 heavy-duty tines arranged in 7 horizontal rows with ten hooks. The tines and hooks can clear roots and weeds from the ground.

The equipment is perfect for breaking compact surfaces and preparing your farm for seeding. You can use the equipment for leveling fields, pastures, and plots. You can move the two bars in the opposite direction or even flip it over for smooth dragging through the fields.

Landscape Rake Attachment


Using the DR Power landscape rake attachment, you can level stone, gravel, topsoil, and fish the grading. The tool is perfect for removing debris or mixing mulch and compost in the soil.

The DR Power equipment has 24 heat-treated tines that can cut through a 48-inch wide path. You can easily adjust the depth using the turnbuckle. With this DR Power equipment, you can work close to borders and walls.

Selecting the right agricultural equipment is essential for a successful farming business. Power equipment saves time and costs in maintaining farmland.

Contact a reliable DR Power lawn equipment dealer in your area. DR Power SuperStore is a trusted Alabama outdoor power equipment supplier serving residents for more than 30 years. Get in touch with Huntsville’s outdoor power equipment dealer to buy the right tool for your farm.