DR 3 point hitch log splitter attached to a tractor

Modern farm operations depend on different factors to carry out the job. The farming outdoor power equipment saves a lot of time and effort involved in harvesting, sowing, seeding, mowing, and other farming tasks.

Outdoor power equipment requires a lot of investment. It is therefore important that you determine the need before buying. In this blog post, we have listed five must-have power equipment for every farmer.

1. Harvesting Equipment


Harvesting equipment is perhaps the most important for a farmer. The equipment saves a lot of labor time and costs in planting seeds. Some of the best harvesting equipment can cover 150 acres per day. You can buy types of harvesting equipment including combine and forage harvesters.

You should know that the harvesting equipment price can reach half a million dollars. Most farmers rent the equipment instead of buying. When selecting harvesting equipment, you should consider the engine power, type of harvesting equipment, and the capacity of the harvester.

2. Mowers


Mowers are also essential farming equipment. The tools are used for cutting the grass used for livestock. There are different types of lawnmowers. Reel and push mowers are not suitable for maintaining a lawn.

Farmers should consider a self-propelled mower for maintaining a large lawn. You have to steer or guide the mower across the lawn. The power equipment is suitable for maintaining a small farming land.

If you have a large farm, you should consider a riding mower. This type of mower has a seat and steering wheel that saves time in maneuvering the lawn. The lawnmower can cut the grass well making it look neat and tidy

3. Cultivators and Transplanters


Cultivators are used for the cultivation of soil to prepare the seedbed. The outdoor power equipment is also used for weed control before planting seeds or plants.

Transplanters are also important farming equipment used for transplanting plants into the ground. The outdoor power equipment has a level that you activate to drop plants on the land.

4. Seeder and Fertilizer Equipment


Farmers use seeder equipment to spread seed over a specific land area. The equipment can be used to plant crops, grasses, and forages.

Fertilizer spreaders are used to spread manure over a large area. The tools save time and effort involved in spreading fertilizer.

5. Tractor Attachments


You can buy different types of tractor attachments. The attachments allow the tractor to carry out different tasks. Popular add-ons for the tractor include loaders, mowers, tillers, sprayers, seeders, manure spreaders, and hay balers.

You should purchase the right size equipment for the lawn. Buying oversized or overpowered outdoor power equipment won’t get the job done quickly. It will just result in wastage of money that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Make sure that the outdoor power equipment matches the farm size and requirements. If you are buying an attachment, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the existing equipment.

Final Remarks


Select the implements that will add flexibility and versatility to your tractor. Avoid purchasing oversized equipment in the hopes that it will get the job done quicker. On the contrary, this can labor the engine and force you to operate in a low range. The tractor and implement should match in size to operate at their optimum speed.

When purchasing outdoor farming equipment, you should consider the five Ps that include:

  • Price
  • Power
  • Performance
  • Parts
  • Product Support

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