DR Power Lawn Mower

Lawn mower injuries are common in the US. Every year over 87,000 Americans are badly injured and many die due to reckless use of lawn mower.

Blades of a DR Power lawn mower spin at the rate of about a thousand feet in a minute. These blades can inflict serious injury to the foot and hand. The high speed of the blades also means that debris such as sticks and rocks get ejected from the mower at speeds of over a hundred miles per hour.

In this blog post, we have shared some tips that will help you to remain safe while operating a DR Power lawn mower.

1. Pick Up Debris Before Using the Mower

Stones and bricks can eject from the mower at high speeds. They can injure someone or damage the window. So, before starting to mow your lawn, you should consider picking up stones, glasses, plastic bottles, sprinklers, toys, and branches.

Pick any sharp object that can eject like a missile from the mower. And if you miss something, you should stop the mower and pick it up before mowing the lawn.

2. Don’t Let Children Play with the Mower

Children should never be allowed to play with the lawnmower. They should also not be allowed to walk with you when using a lawnmower. Rock or other sharp objects can eject from the mower injuring the child.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends children below 12 years old should not be allowed to use a mower. You should keep children below 5 years old inside when using a lawnmower to avoid serious injury. Young children behave unpredictably due to which they should not be allowed to be near you when operating a mower.

3. Never Pull the Mower Backward

Pulling the mower backward is dangerous. It can result in a serious injury. You can end up pulling the mowing equipment towards you.

You must always push the mower in a forward direction. If you still don’t think that pulling the mower backward is dangerous, you will change your mind after seeing gruesome images when you type ‘injury mowing backward’ in the search box.

4. Avoid Pushing Mower on Driveway with Blades Engaged

You must not push the mower on the driveway with the blades engaged. Moreover, the mower should not be used near the gravel. This is important since the pieces of rocks can eject at high speed resulting in property damage or injury.

Consider locking the blades when using the mower over the gravel or concrete surface. This will prevent rocks or other debris from causing damages.

5. Read Safety Information in Manual

The reading manual may not be an exciting read. But you should consider reading it to know about safe mower usage. If your mower does not come with a manual, you can find one online. Just enter the mower model number and search for the mower online.

Follow the instructions about safe usage of the mower. Spending time to read the manual will be worth it as you will know how to operate the mower safely.

6. Wear Proper Clothing and Footwear

A lot of people overlook the importance of mowing with the right clothing and footwear. You need to wear long-sleeve clothes when mowing. This is important advice since the layer of clothing will minimize the injury in case of an accident while using a mower.

You should also wear proper footwear when mowing the lawn. Avoid mowing the lawn bare feet or wearing sandals. Consider wearing boots to minimize the chances of an injury.

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