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Push reel mowers have their own appeal. They cut the lawn while allowing you a decent workout. Moreover, reel mowers also contribute to making the grass healthy. They leave the grass cuttings that act as a natural fertilizer for the lawn.

In this blog post, you will learn about how to properly cut the lawn using a push reel mower. Moreover, you will also learn about some tips in maintaining a reel lawn mower.

1. Mowing Tall Grasses

Push reel mowers won’t cut tall grass growing on the lawn. They are not suitable for cutting grass that is over 8-inches tall. You have no other option than to yank out tall grass from the lawn. A grass whip can make it easier to whip down the grass that is not cut down by the reel mower.

2. Cutting Edge of the Grass

Reel mowers do not cut the edge of the grass as close as a rotary power mower does. The wheels of the reel mower are outside the blades due to which it cannot cut the grass close to the edges of the fences and beds.

To cut the grass edges, you should consider using an electric weedeater. You can use the power equipment to trim the edges around the beds and the fence lines.

3. Cutting Wet Grass

Reel mower, as is the case with a power lawn mower, cannot properly cut the grass when it is wet. Mowing wet grass is hard since the grass lays flat and sticks together. You should stay away from the lawn when it is wet as walking on wet grass can result in soil compression.

4. Leave Lawn Clippings

Lawn clippings as mentioned earlier act as a natural fertilizer. The clippings are rich in nitrogen, which can fertilize your lawn.

You should sweep up the pavers and sidewalks but leave the grass clippings on the lawn. The grass clippings will mulch the soil and provide the required nutrients that will result in a healthy growth. The mulch will break down over time feeding important nutrients to the roots of the plants.

5. Adjust the Altitude

If your push reel mower has a feature to adjust the altitude, you should set it to make the required height of the cut. The altitude refers to the angle between the ground plan beneath the cutting unit and the bedknife at the bottom.

You can adjust the altitude by changing the height of the rollers at the front or rear. A large altitude will not cut the grass close to the ground. In contrast, a flat altitude with a small angle can cut most of the lawn.

6. Maintaining Push Reel Lawn Mower

You must clean the lawn mower blades after each use. Use an air compressor or a garden hose to clean the wheels as well as the blades. Afterwards, you should spray WD-40 over the mower to lubricate the joints.

You should also sharpen the blades every year or whenever the blades don’t cut the grass well. Sharpening the blade is easy and only takes 5 minutes. You should get a blade sharpening stone to sharpen the blades.

Always wear gloves when sharpening the blades. You should sharpen the blades by jamming a wooden stick through the cage and using a sharpening stone. Applying a small amount of cutting oil will also make the blades sharper.

Final Remarks

Push reel lawn mower is adequate for mowing a small lawn. But if you have a lawn that is more than 1500 sq. ft., you should consider buying a power lawn mower.

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