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Mowing a lawn at a glance seems simple enough. But it takes great care to ensure that you mow your lawn right. Your turf will grow healthy and thick if you use the right mowing technique. On the flip side, the lawn will struggle to survive if you apply the wrong technique when using a lawn mower to mow the lawn.

Here are some effective mowing tips that can result in a healthy lawn when using a lawn mower.

1. Adjust the Blade Height


You should adjust the height of the lawn mower blade depending on the season. Consider raising the blade during the summer and lowering it during the winter months.

Raising the blade when mowing the lawn will let the grass grow longer. This will result in extra moisture retention during hot and dry weather. Moreover, the long grass will shade the soil from the sunlight resulting in healthy growth.

2. Avoid Mowing the Lawn Too Short


Mowing the lawn too short will put extra stress on the lawn. It will result in bare patches that will serve as the ideal ground weed and other invasive plant species. Cutting the lawn too short can also deplete the energy reserves of the lawn.

A good rule of thumb when mowing the lawn is to reduce the height of the grass by just one third. Cutting the grass shorter will decrease the vigor and health of the grass.

3. Mow Less Frequently During Spring


Your lawn needs less frequent cutting during the early spring season. The reason behind that is that grass grows slowly during this season. Consider mowing the lawn every two weeks during the season. You can increase the frequency to twice a week during the late spring and summer seasons, when the growth rate starts to peak.

Most grass species should be kept at a height between 2.5 and 4 cm. In heavily trafficked areas that undergo greater wear, you should leave the grass between 4 and 5 cm in height. In areas of shade, the grass can be even longer, up to 8 cm in height.

4. Leave the Clippings


Consider leaving grass clippings on the lawn as they are a great source of nitrogen. The grass clippings can serve as a fertilizer for the lawn. Recycling the clippings can help meet up to a quarter of the nitrogen requirement of the lawn.

5. Use Mowers with Reels or Cylinders


Mowers with reels or cylinders will generally result in a better quality cut as compared to one with a rotary mower. The slicing scissor action will more easily cut the grass than a rotary mower.

But a rotary mower with more powerful engines also produces a decent cut. Most people will be satisfied with the cut quality of a powerful rotary mower.

6. Mow the Lawn When Dry


You should mow the lawn using a lawn mower when it is dry. While rain is great for fertilizing the lawn, it is not suitable for using the lawn mower. Wet grass can damage the blades of the mower resulting in an uneven cut.

Avoid mowing the lawn right after the rain or fertilizing your lawn. You should wait until the lawn has dried before using the mower to cut the grass.

7. Service the Mower Regularly


Service the mower regularly if you want to get the best cut every time you mow the lawn. A properly serviced mower can ensure a clean cut. Mowers with blunt or chipped blades can cause a straw color look at the tips.

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