DR Power Equipment-frozen yard

Garden tools should be stored properly during the winter season. However, you shouldn’t just put the tools such as the lawn mower in the garage. It is important to take certain precautions and steps before putting this tool in the shed.

Here we will share some tips to properly store away your outdoor power equipment during the winter months.

1. Inspect the Mower

Before you put the mower back into the shed, you should inspect it to find any signs of damage. In case of any damage, you need to first perform the necessary repairs.

In Google search, type ‘DR Equipment Dealers Near Me’ to look for DR mower parts dealers. You will have to purchase DR power equipment parts to repair damaged mower parts. Performing the repairs is important so that the mower will be ready for mowing when the spring season starts.

2. Clean the Mower

You should clean the mower before storing the equipment. Clean up any mud, grass, and leaves. Moreover, you should also clean the build-up of rust on the mower. Consider using a stick or stiff brush to clean the debris in hard to reach places of the mower, such as the blades.

Make sure that the mower is switched off before you clean the underbelly of the mower. Some battery operated mowers can accidently start on their own, thereby causing a serious injury.

3. Fold the Mower

Mowers come with adjustable handles that allows them to be folded forwards or backwards. You should collapse the mower when storing so that it takes up less space.

Consider removing the grass collector also before storage. You can store the separated parts in the cabinets.

4. Drain the Fuel

You must drain the fuel of a gasoline lawn mower. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when draining the fuel.

Emptying the fuel is important before storage for winter. Gasoline is combustible that represents a fire hazard. You should empty the tank to minimize the risk of an explosion.

Unused gasoline also can cause rust in the engine and carburetor. Moreover, it will cause the fuel to get stale that can damage the mower engine.

To empty the mower, you should allow the mower to run until the tank gets empty. You can also empty the fuel in an empty can if available by turning the mower upside down.

5. Clean the Air Filter

Before storing the mower, you should consider cleaning the filter. You can clean the filter using soap and water. Allow the filter to become completely dry before placing it back inside the mower.

You must clear the dirt and debris stuck in the filter using a screwdriver. If the filter is too dirty, you may have to replace it with a new one.

6. Replace the Spark Plug

Spark plugs get dirty over time. You should check and replace the spark plugs if required. Use a socket wrench to remove the spark plug from the mower.

A new spark plug will cost just a couple of dollars. You should replace the spark plug even if it is not that dirty. This is important as a clean spark plug will result in the smooth operation of the mower.

7. Rent a Storing Space

If you don’t have a space inside the house, you should consider renting an appropriate space. Some companies such as Life Storage offer storage space for outdoor power equipment. The storage facilities are climate controlled, which will ensure that your lawn mower will remain in perfect condition during the winter.

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