DR Power brush mower

Are you thinking of setting up a commercial lawn care business in Huntsville, AL? Or do you want to about DR power equipment required for lawn maintenance? If so, you should read this list on the best equipment for lawn maintenance:

1. Landscaping Equipment Hauler

You need to purchase a sturdy hauler for hauling all the outdoor power equipment. Huntsville DR Power equipment experts recommend that you buy a heavy-duty hauler with a load rating of one ton. The hauler should have a mechanism that allows you to unload topsoil and landscaping tools quickly. Additionally, the hauler should have a toolbox mounted on the flatbed for carrying different lawn care tools.

2. ATV & Tractor Attachment

You must also buy ATV and tractor attachments for carrying your landscaping tools. Side rails and a ramp gate are important attachments that help in wheeling equipment, such as mowers and graders on a truck. In addition, you should buy locking tie-downs to keep the lawn care equipment safe when on the road.

3. Riding Mower

Riding mowers is important for lawn care. Also called a ride-on lawnmower, riding mowers have a seat for the operator. You can find different colors and brands of riding mowers. The following questions can help you select the best lawn mower for yourself or your business.

  • What type of terrain will be mowed?
  • How many acres on average require mowing a day?
  • Will there be lots of obstacles, such as rocks on the lawns?
  • Does the mower support additional attachments?

Once you have addressed the above questions, you should buy the right mower that meets your needs. An experienced DR power equipment dealer can help you select the right mower that best suits your requirements.

4. Push Mower

Push mowers are smaller than riding mowers. These mowers are important for mowing small regions of a lawn or yard that cannot be mowed using a riding mower. You can buy a manual or a self-propelling mower. Consider your budget and mowing requirements when purchasing a push mower.

5. Field and Brush Mowers

DR power equipment field and brush mowers are necessary for cleaning dense vegetation. The machines can clean dense growth in tight quarters and steep terrain. Consider buying a mower with a power output of at least 20 HP and 30 ft. lb. torque. The powerful mower can mow up to 8-inch tall weeds, 6-inch high grass, and 3-inch saplings. Powerful mowers can clear lawns quickly.

6. Protective Equipment

OHSA recommends that people performing lawn care should wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Some of the PPEs you should consider buying include eye goggles, heavy footwear, and hearing protection devices. Wearing protective equipment is important to avoid serious injuries that can cost you a lot of money.

7. Pressure Washer

Outdoor power equipment should be cleaned routinely. A pressure washer can remove dirt, grime, and mud that accumulates from using the equipment.

Power washers have either electrical or gas-powered motors that power the water pump. The water pump increases the pressure of the water supplied through the hose. The water mixes with the air and comes out at great pressure, effectively washing the equipment.

8. Rototiller

A rototiller is another important tool required for personal lawn care use or for your commercial businesses. The outdoor power equipment is used to loosen the soil before planting seeds. Moreover, the DR power equipment is also used to clear non-planted areas that have been aerated during the growing season.

Apart from the above, you should buy tools that are typically used for lawn care, such as chippers, blowers, trimmers, and hammers. Other specialized tools you should consider buying for your lawn include stump grinders for removing tree stumps, chainsaws for cutting shrubs and trees, and power graders for leveling soil before plantation.