Dr Power Lawn Mower

A neat and trim lawn helps improve the curb appeal of your home. That is why you need a good quality Lawn Mower that can make a difference to the appearance of your lawn.

With so many types of lawnmowers available in the market, selecting the best one can seem to be an overwhelming task. Here, we have put together a list of different types of mowers explaining the type of surface for which they are most suitable. After reading this post, you will have an easier time selecting the best mower for your lawn.

Cylindrical Mowers

cylindrical mowerCylindrical mowers are also known as reel mowers that cut the grass using a scissor-like or a cylinder-like movement of the blades. These mowers have 2 to 6 rolling blades that are rotated by the axle of the wheels. The mowers are generally less noisy as compared to rotary motors. They are most suitable for cutting grass to short heights such as the greens on a golf course. These mowers do not work particularly well in cutting coarser grass on rough surfaces. The modern versions are powered and self propelled.

Trimmer Mowers

DR-TRIMMER_MOWERSomewhere between a lawn mower and a hand held trimmer exists a power trimmer mower with wheels and a powerful engine to cut through thick most stubborn weeds and grasses. With a rotary head and strings designed for fast cutting, these mowers are perfect for rough terrains where a lawn mower is not suitable or the grass, weeds or shrubberies are too thick for hand held trimmers. Walk-behind, self-propelled, & tow-behind models are available for any situation and need.

Rotary Mowers

self propelled lawn mower 22" cutRotary mowers have a horizontally rotating blade that cuts the grass. The mower’s fan-like movement of the blade creates a vacuum that sucks up the grass that is cut by the rotary blade. These mowers are the most versatile that are suitable for different grass lengths. But they are ideal for cutting longer and coarser grass.

Ride-on Mowers

As the name suggests, you ride on the ride-on lawn mower. The mower makes it easy and enjoyable to cut a large size lawn. The ride-on mower is maneuvered by lap bars that control the dual hydrostatic transmissions at the rare wheels. Their steering ability makes them appropriate for mowing irregular shaped large-sized lawns. The estimated horsepower of ride-on mowers is between 12 and 25 with engine sizes between 452 and 700 cc.

Walk Behind Mowers

Battery-Powered-Lawn-MowerWalk mowers are most appropriate for mowing smaller lawns. They are of different types, including push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and hover mowers.

  • Push mowers require manually pushing the mower across the grass. These mowers are the most inexpensive of all the different types of mowers. They are not appropriate for unleveled lawns as mowing up and down the hill can be tiring. These mowers are best for people who enjoy the exercise while mowing their yard!
  • Self-propelled mowers move without much manual power. The individual guides rather than push the mower over the lawn. They are appropriate for mowing a medium size lawn.
  • Hover mowers are a type of walk behind mowers that hover a few inches above the ground. The mowers are easier to guide than self-propelled mowers due to reduced friction. They are particularly suitable for small lawns with uneven shapes. Guiding the lawn around trees, garden, and plants become easier with the hover lawn mowers.

Lawn Mower Power Source

Lawnmowers have different powers sources. There is no hard and fast rule for selecting an appropriate mower for the lawn. But if you have a small garden less than 1000 sq. ft, a cordless, battery-powered lawn mower is the best choice. For medium-sized lawns between 1000 and 2500 sq. ft, the best mower for cutting the grass is the electric mower. Gasoline mower is the best choice if the lawn size is more than 2500 sq. ft.

The guide will help you select the best lawn mower for your lawn. We suggest a DR Power lawn mower that is most suitable for your lawn.Read reviews and  mower specifications before making a purchase to ensure that you buy the most appropriate mower for the lawn.


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