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self propelled lawn mower 30″ cut

A lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment for home owners to maintain and manage their property. The equipment helps homeowners to keep their lawn neat and tidy. You can find different types of mowers that you can use to trim the lawn. One such type of mower is the variable speed lawn mower.

But what exactly is a variable speed mower? Is the DR Power lawn equipment a better choice compared to a traditional lawn mower? Let’s answer that question here in this help article.

Variable Speed Lawn Mowers

Variable speed lawn mowers have an engine that allows users to change the speed of the mower. The equipment uses a drive-pulley system to vary the speed of the engine. It changes the speed by changing the drive belt on the pulley assembly system.

The lawn mowers with variable speed are also named after their trade names, such as the Shift-On-The-Go. These mowers are useful when dealing with a large lawn with variable inclines and uneven terrain. The speed of the mower can be changed through a lever or switch on the handlebar.

A variable lawn mower has a variable pitch assembly that is connected to the transmission. A speed selector allows adjusting the vehicle speed. The feature is found in a self-propelled mower that doesn’t require any exertion when trimming the lawn. You only have to guide the mower over the lawn.

Single vs. Variable Speed Lawn Mowers: Which One Is Better?

A single-speed lawn mower has one speed. It operates at the maximum possible speed based on the type of the engine. You cannot vary the speed of the mower. To a limited extent, you can try to control the speed using a throttle, but you don’t have as much control over the speed as with a variable speed lawn mower.

If you have a lawn with variable incline and terrain, a variable speed lawn mower is the best option.

Variable speed lawn mowers can have 3-, 4-, and 5-speed gear transmission. Changing the gear will vary the speed of the mower. The combination of a gear transmission and speed stick gives better control over changing the speed of the mower

A type of variable lawn mower known as the hydrostatic lawn mower provides the best possible speed control. The mower uses a pump motor to convert engine power into hydraulic power. This allows improved control over the speed.

But a disadvantage of hydrostatic lawn mowers is that they are expensive. Additionally, the hydrostatic lawn mowers have lower efficiency. It will burn more fuel as compared to a non-hydrostatic variable lawn mower while doing the same job. Moreover, a higher power engine is required for converting the engine power to hydraulic power.

Final Remarks: Which One Should You Buy?

Variable lawn mowers are a good option if you have to mow down a lawn with difficult terrain. The lawn mower is not recommended for most home owners. A single-speed mower is recommended for trimming a small or medium-sized lawn.

You should buy a variable speed lawn mower only if you have a large lawn. Also, if the lawn has lots of twists and turns a variable speed mower is recommended. It will allow you to more easily guide the mower across the lawn.

Hydrostatic transmission lawn mowers offer greater control over speed. They make turning and maneuvering the mower easier. But the convenience comes at the expense of higher fuel costs and maintenance requirements.

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