wood chips made by DR equipment

We have outlined everything you need to know from firing up that wood chipper to where to rent one from. Using this guide you can get started today!

Owning your own home is all fun and games until the yard work comes along. Keeping the yard in prime condition takes a lot of sweat and grunt work. If you’re someone that likes to tackle these projects yourself, it always helps to find ways to make these projects a little easier.

Getting rid of all of the debris from yard work can be a real pain. Either your garbage can can’t fit it all, or the city doesn’t pick up yard waste. Whatever your reasons, renting a wood chipper can help make your life easier.

Chippers can grind up all of those cut or fallen branches and other yard waste and turn it into beautiful homemade mulch. There is no better way to recycle and save some money than by making mulch yourself.

Keep reading for everything you need to know before firing up that wood chipper and where to rent from.

What Is a Wood Chipper?

DR Power Wood Chippers come in a variety of sizes. You place your yard waste into a chute, and the sharp blades of the chipper will grind the waste into chips ranging from 1-3 inches. The chips then exit the other end. Some models include bags or bins for the chips to go in to.

The size and amount of wood that you can feed into a chipper will depend on the size and model you are using. It’s important for your safety to understand what your chipper can handle before you buy or rent one.

How to Use

Depending on how often you will need one, it may be more economical for you to simply rent a wood chipper. DR. Power Superstore’s rental rates start at $90/day with special rates Monday – Thursday.

Using a chipper is pretty straight forward. Make sure to have someone explain to you the specific control before you take it home. Generally, smaller chippers can handle branches that are about 2-3 inches in diameter.

For uniform wood mulch, you will want to remove all the leaves and greenery from your waste pile. Feed the wood and branches through, and place a bin or bag at the end of the chute to catch your mulch.

Safety Tips

Chippers can be extremely dangerous if not handled with caution. Before you begin, make sure you are working in an open clear area. Be careful when walking, so as to avoid tripping.

Wear safety goggles and gloves to protect your eyes from flying debris and to avoid splinters. NEVER use your hands or metal objects to push the wood through the chipper. Instead, use another branch, or the end of a broom.

Feed the wood slowly, so as to avoid any jams. If the machine does get jammed, turn off the chipper first. Then, use something like a rake handle to work it loose.

Make sure to periodically empty the bag or bin of mulch, to prevent the pile from getting too high and the machine from overheating.

Homemade Mulch

Making homemade mulch with a wood chipper is a great way to recycle yard waste and save money. Leave your yard looking beautiful by renting a chipper today.

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