self propelled lawn mowers in action

Self-propelled lawn mowers have a specific mechanism that differentiates them from push mowers. The mower has a specific drive system that requires the user to squeeze the bar to move the mower. It will move forward without requiring any effort.

Squeezing the bar of the mower will not only allow the mower to cut the blades, but also propel the mower forward. You only have to control the direction of the mower. As you release the grip, the mower will stop mowing and the blade will stop moving.

But what are the benefits of using a self-propelled mower? Is it preferable to a push lawn mower? Let’s take a look at the benefits of the mower to know whether paying extra is worth it.

1. Less Effort in Mowing

You have to exert less effort when using a self-propelled mower. The mower will cut the grass on its own. You only have to guide the mower when cutting the grass. Most of these mowers are portable, lightweight, and easy to start.

The benefit of using a mower that moves without much effort is evident when mowing a large lawn. Since the mower operates without requiring much effort, you will get an even and smooth finish.

In contrast, push mowers can be tiresome, particularly when mowing a large yard. They can cause pain in the hands due to hours of pushing the mower around the lawn.

2. Suitable for Sloped Spaces

A mower that propels on its own is best when the lawn is located on a sloping plane. You will face difficulty in trying to push the mower to cut grass on a slope. A mower that propels automatically will be less tedious as compared to a push mower.

3. Ideal for Elderly

Due to the ease of mowing the lawn, a mower that propels on its own is also ideal for elderly individuals. They are also the best choice for children and disabled individuals. Using this type of mower will take the strain out of mowing the lawn.

However, the mower is not suitable for people with an unsteady gait. Elderly individuals with mobility issues should use a push mower as it will give them better control over movement speed.

4. Backward and Forward Movements

Self-propelled mowers can move both forward and backward. Hence you don’t have to change the position of the mower when mowing. This provides more convenience as compared to using a push mower.

5. Safe Mowing

Mowers that propel forward are safer as compared to push mowers. There are low chances of getting injured while mowing the lawn using this type of mower. The mower will move on its own when the bar is pressed and stops when you release the grip on the bar. There is a low risk of getting injured when you make a turn to mow in the other direction.

So, should you buy a self-propelled mower?

You can save time and have an easy time mowing when you use a self-propelled mower.  However, the mower is not suitable for some lawns. The lawn must be flat with no uneven spaces. You should use the lawnmower only if the surface of the lawn is smooth.

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