Alabama outdoor power equipmentWood chippers are outdoor power tools that can help cleaning up of the yard. This power equipment reduces wood in to small sizes, saving you money on costly mulch. But you need to buy the right type of wood chipper for your lawn.

The DR Power lawn equipment buying guide will help you select the best chipper for your yard. You will learn about the factors that should be considered to make the right buying decision.

Engine Size

The foremost thing you need to consider is the engine size or displacement. If you have to mulch a lot of wood at a time, you should consider buying a wood chipper with a 4 to 10 horsepower engine. For a small yard, a chipper with a 2 to 3 horsepower engine will be adequate.

Chipper Size

Another important consideration when buying a wood chipper is the size of the outdoor power equipment. A lightweight clipper can easily be transported across the yard. But it can also process lighter limbs. You should consider buying a larger size clipper if you want to cut heavier limbs.

Large size clippers generally have more feeder width. These large clippers can process larger limbs with leaves. In contrast, small size clippers have narrower feeder width or throat size that can process smaller limbs.

Reduction Ratio

Reduction ratio refers to the number of containers of clippings produced from given wood waste. A clipper with a higher reduction ratio is generally more costly. But it also produces more containers of clippings.

You should consider buying a clipper with a reduction ratio of 10:1. A clipper with this reduction ratio can produce about a container of clippings.

Power Type

Wood clippers can be gas or electric powered. A gas-powered is generally more powerful as compared to an electric power clipper. The machines typically have between 5 and 10 horsepower engines. They are also heavier weighing more than electric power clippers. You should consider buying a gas-powered clipper if you have to dispose of a large amount of debris from the yard.

An electric-powered wood clipper is not as powerful as a gas-powered clipper. The clipper powered by electricity typically has a smaller power engine with horsepower ranging between 2 and 3 horsepower. They are appropriate for cutting loose debris from the yard. You will also need a heavy-duty electrical extension cord to connect to the electrical outlet.

Build Quality

Clippers made of heavy-duty materials are more durable as compared to ones made of light-weight materials. The best clippers have a thicker material made of welded 16 gauge steel. Higher build quality will ensure that the clipper will last a long time with minimum wear and tear.

Drums vs. Discs

Wood clippers have different cutting mechanisms that affect the cutting capability of the outdoor power equipment. Clippers with drums are more efficient in cutting the wood. In contrast, clippers with discs are more energy efficient.

Your requirement will determine the best type of wood clipper. You should buy a wood clipper with drums if you want to cut heavy brush. On the other hand, clippers with drums are suitable for cutting light materials such as vine.


Clippers come with different warranties. Some manufacturers offer five years warranty while others offer ten years warranty. The specific details of the warranty differ from one manufacturer to another. This factor should also be considered when buying a wood clipper.

Make sure that you buy a wood clipper from a reliable Alabama outdoor power equipment provider. DR Power SuperStore provides Huntsville power equipment sale and service. Contact us today to find the best quality wood clipper that meets your needs and budgets.