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If you spend time handling a lot of branches, twigs, and leaves, a DR power chipper is a useful tool. The tool has a razor-sharp knife that is mounted on a heavy motor. It can be used to shred leaves, weeds, twigs, and branches of up to 3 inches thick.

The best part about power chippers is that they can chip automatically without having to force feed them. You can buy an outdoor power equipment in Huntsville and process branches and leaves into nutrient-rich mulch. The mulch can be dumped in a bag that you can dispose of when it is full.

DR power chippers are available in different sizes and styles. In this guide, you will find out how to buy the best DR power equipment for sale online.

1. Power Source


Power chippers are powered by either electric or fuel. Both types have their advantages and there is no one best tool for all jobs. If you want to shred a small amount of wood and leaves, then electric power shredders are the best.

Electric-powered chirpers are powered by electricity. These machines are typically rated between 2000 to 3000 watts. Electric chipper motors are 1 or 2 horsepower that makes them suitable for loose debris in small or medium-sized lawns.

If you want to maintain a large lawn, the best choice is to go for a fuel-powered chirper. They are either gas or diesel-powered with a 4.5 to 9 horsepower motor. A fuel-powered chipper can be used to get through much denser material. It can cut branches of up to 75 mm in diameter.

2. Features


Buying a power chipper with the right features is crucial. A chipper with a self-feeding feature is a good option as you won’t have to exert too much effort into pushing debris in a chute.

Consider buying a chipper with a dual ball bearing, OHV design, and oil level centers. These features ensure the machine’s smooth operation and protect it from damage caused by wear and tear.

Similarly, you can also consider getting a machine with multiple chipping blades. Chippers with multiple blades can shred lawn debris more quickly as compared to one with single chipping blades.

3. Feed Capacity


The feed capacity of a power chipper is another important factor to consider. You should buy a chipper with feed capacity that is suitable for the amount of debris you want to shred. For shredding a large amount of debris, the feed capacity should be high.

4. Chipper Power


Chipper power is measured in horsepower. You will need a powerful chipper if you want to shred excessive debris at one go. High powered chippers are expensive but they can quickly get rid of lawn debris.

5. Warranty


Warranty is also an important consideration when buying a power chipper. It is recommended to purchase a chipper that has at least a one-year warranty. This way, you won’t have to buy a new one in case of any malfunction.

Final Remarks


Power chippers can change the way you clean up the yard. These powerful machines can suck up small branches and leaves and ground them into fine pieces. However, it is important to select the right machine for the job.

Make sure that you buy DR Power Chipper from a reputable online store. The guide will help you in selecting a chipper that will be best for the lawn.


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