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Self-propelled lawn mowers have different types of engines. The mowers can trim the grass at different speeds. These mowers don’t require a human to guide the mower for cutting the grass.

DR Power lawn mowers have quality blades that can cut the grass at different heights. The lawn mower takes the effort out of mowing a lawn. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of self-propelled lawn mower engines.

Engine Size

Self-propelled lawn mowers can have large or small engines. Lawn mower engine power typically ranges between 140 cc and 190 cc. You should select a mower with a bigger engine for large lawns. Moreover, a mower with a larger engine is suitable for rough lawn cutting conditions such as tall grasses, weeds, leaf mulching, or wet grasses.

Note that a mower with a bigger engine consumes more fuel. So, you should not select a more powerful mower for cutting a small lawn. The engine size should be appropriate for the size of the lawn.

Power Sources

DR power lawn mowers engine can have power sources. Some mowers run on gasoline while others require electricity. Gasoline-powered mowers are generally more powerful as compared to mowers with electric-powered engines.

If you have to mow a small or medium-sized lawn, an electric-powered mower is suitable. A gasoline-powered mower is suitable for mowing large lawns.

Engine Type

Self-propelled mowers have different types of engines. The least expensive mowers have an engine with a side valve. Most mowers in the market today have overhead cams and valves located inside the cylinder. The engines are more efficient and are similar to the ones find in cars.

Mower engine manufacturers have introduced another type of engine that has a direct overhead valve. They have better fuel economy, less vibration, and lower emissions. You should expect to see mowers in the future with this type of engine.

Engines can also be two strokes or four strokes. A mower with a four-stroke combustion engine is more efficient as compared a two-stroke engine. You will have to pay more for a four-stroke engine but these engines provide fuel savings.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Power Lawn Mower

You must select a mower with an engine that is suitable for the lawn. Apart from the right engine, selecting the best mower for a lawn also requires consideration of the mower drive and control.

Mower Drive

You can buy a front-drive or rear-drive power mowers. Mowers with rear-drive control generally offer more visibility. However, they are less maneuverable as compared to mowers with a front drive feature.

Front engine mowers are easier to handle. You can easily lift the mower and maneuver them across the lawn. In contrast, a rear-drive power mower is recommended if the lawn slopes. The mower will lose traction when mowing at an angle.

Mower Control

Self-propelled mowers can be controlled differently. You can control the mower using a lever that you push with your thumb.  Some have a metal rod that you squeeze to control the drive system. In addition, some mowers require you to put pressure or release to increase or decrease the drive.

Selecting a mower with a particular control can affect maneuverability and comfort. You should select a mower with a lever if a lot of back and forth movement is required for cutting the lawn. It allows you to maneuver the lawn easily over obstacles. For mowing wide open area, you should select a mower that requires you to put or release the pressure to control drive speed.

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