Field and brush mower is used to mow brush and invasive plants. You need to use the mower correctly to ensure that it effectively cuts the invasive plants and dense vegetation. The tips mentioned in this blog post will help you maximize productivity using outdoor power equipment.

Remove Debris from the Lawn

Before using a field and brush mower, you must remove debris from the ground. You should consider marking the area with stumps and rocks during the initial walk-through.  This initial step is critical otherwise your mower can get damaged. You should go over the lawn after removing stones, twigs, tree stumps, and other debris that can damage the mower.

Use Field and Brush Mower Early and Often

You should use your field and brush mower to clear invasive species before they have the time to take over the lawn. Cutting the invasive species such as Honeysuckle and Kudzu early is important as they can quickly spread over a lawn.

By using a DR Power field and brush mower, you can easily mulch invasive plants. After mulching the plants, you should dig up the roots and get rid of the plant so that they don’t trouble you.

Be Wary of the Weather

Field and brush mowers can’t effectively mow the lawn during the rainy season. The brush won’t cut effectively during wet weather. Rainy weather also means mud and dirt that could damage the mower.

So, you must not cut the brush when the lawn is wet. You should consider waiting for the grass to dry before cutting the grass using the mower.

Mow Side to Side on a Slope

A recommended method for using the field and brush mower on slopes is to mow from side to side instead of up and down the slope. Using the side-slope method is recommended as it will prevent damage to the mower engine.

Mowing up and down the slope will cause the engine to run dry as the oil will slosh to the sides. This could result in serious damage to the engine. In contrast, mowing from one side to another on the slope will keep the engine lubricated. This method will not just prevent damage to the engine but also make it less likely for you to tumble down a hill similar to Jack and Jill in the fabled children poem.

 Cut Woody and Dense Vegetation Slowly

Woody and dense vegetation can damage the mower. You need to cut the woody and dense grass slowly using the field and brush mower. This will allow the blades of the mower to properly cut the woody shrubs and plants such as a scotch broom. This method is also recommended for cutting vines like blueberries.

You must mow slowly to ensure that the blades of the brush mower can draw in and effectively cut the thick growth. If you don’t slow down when mowing over woody and dense vegetation, the mower will simply run over without effectively cutting the growth.


You need to be persistent with brush mowing using a quality field and brush mower. If you ignore the brush even for a few weeks, you will have to tackle a much bigger problem. It is important that you keep tabs on the growth of the brush by using the DR Power field and brush mower regularly.

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