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Lawn and gardens look best when the grass is properly trimmed using a mower. Whether you want a mower to cut residential or commercial lawn, getting the right mower is important. This is often a challenge particularly for those who don’t know much about lawn tools.

Cleaning up orchards and rough areas with wild growth is difficult. Conventional lawn mowers are not adequate. Streamers can help tidy up difficult areas but they are not adequate when cutting long grasses and lawns infested with bracken and brambles.

Field and brush mowers are among the Alabama outdoor power equipment that work well in these areas.

Field and Brush Mowers: An Overview

Field and brush mowers can cut dense bush growth. The tools are recommended for cutting thick grass and weeds. A regular mower is not suitable for trimming dense vegetation.

Field and brush mowers have two counter-rotating blades that allow them to cut the vegetation. The suspended front chains of the mower helps cut tall grass more effectively. They cut the grass to the center rear that reduces the potential for front discharge. The mower can make its way through brushy patches where stems are less than two and a half inches.

Selecting the Right Field and Brush Mower

Field and brush cutters are a versatile tool that can trim and cut weeds and shrubs. New buyers can become overwhelmed with the variety of different field and brush mowers for sale online.

To make it easier for you to select the right mower, here we have listed important factors that should be considered when you buy or rent one from Huntsville power equipment rentals.

Type of Mower

Two main types of field and brush mowers include push or self-propelled mower. You have to push the push mower while the self-propelled mower moves automatically. A self-propelled mower is recommended if you have to cut a large lawn.

The motor of the push mower will spin only when you push the mower across the lawn. Self-propelled mowers will move mechanically and you can guide the mower across the lawn. This type of lower has a gearbox attached to the wheels. Using self-propelled mower will be much less exhausting as compared to a push mower.

Speed of Mower

The mower’s speed is a consideration when buying a self-propelled mower. Fixed speed self-propelled mowers can mow the lawn going at 3 miles per hour. In contrast, a variable speed mower can go up to three and a half miles per hour.

Variable speed mowers have a throttle handle that lets you adjust the speed. The benefit of variable speed mower is that it gives you control over how fast or slow the mower should cut the lawn. Slow speed will result in less wear and tear on the motor that may extend the life of the mower.

Mower Motor

Field and Brush mowers have different types of motors. Premium quality mowers have more powerful motors as compared to standard motors. These mowers can cut more dense vegetation in less time. If you have a medium to large lawn, you should go with a mower with a powerful motor.


The weight of the mower is an important consideration when selecting a push mower. Mowers with a big engine weigh more. Heavy mowers are difficult to maneuver around the lawn. This is an important consideration, especially when purchasing a push mower since you will have to exert all the effort in mowing the lawn.

Self-propelled mowers weigh more due to the propulsion gearbox. Although minimal, you may still notice the extra weight. A push mower is somewhat easier to maneuver because of its lower weight, but remember that you still must exert more effort to move it due to the lack of a propelling motor.

Final Thoughts

Field and Brush mowers are powerful equipment that can help you trim lawns with lots of weeds and long grasses. The sheer number of tools available online only adds to the confusion in selecting the right tool.

You should select a tool that meets your requirements. Going for a mower with the most powerful motor will be overkill if you want to mow a small lawn. You should select a tool that is most appropriate for the job.

Lastly, you should buy a reputable brand field and brush mower. Avoid generic mowers as they mostly contain cheap parts. Reputable brand mowers will last a long time and require minimum repairs.


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