how to maintain your lawn in winter


Lawn maintenance does not end when winter comes your way. While your lawn will require less attention during the winter months as compared to other seasons, you should not ignore maintaining the lawn using a lawn mower.

Winter may put stress on the lawn, due to which they need extra attention. Here are some tips for maintaining your lawn during the cold season.

1. Using a Lawn Mower


You must use a lawnmower to cut the grass height during the winter. Consider lowering the mower height by a notch or two when cutting the grass for the last time before the snow.

Avoid cutting it too short as it can encourage disease and mold formation. Mowing the grass too low can also cause bare patches.

2. Fertilize the Lawn


You should fertilize the lawn at the start of the winter season when the temperature is near 500F (100C). This will help promote healthy grass growth and reduce the risk of disease. It will keep the grass green at the start of the spring season.

Make sure that you follow the direction when fertilizing the grass. Remember that using more fertilizer than the recommended amount can burn the grass.

3. Aerate the Lawn


You should aerate the lawn after fertilizing the lawn. Water the lawn lightly to wash away the fertilizer from the grass and onto the soil. Aerating the grass will allow extra air that will help promote root growth.

You can aerate the lawn manually or rent a motorized aerator if the lawn is large. The soil should be moist but not wet when you begin aerating the grass. It is recommended to wait about a day or two after a rain shower when watering the lawn.

After aerating the lawn, you should leave the soil plugs and allow them to decompose naturally. Make sure that you move in a crisscrossing pattern when aerating the lawn. This will ensure that the entire lawn is aerated properly.

4. Prevent Too Much Lawn Traffic


Avoid walking on the lawn when it is dormant or frosted. The grass can get damaged due to too much traffic on the lawn.

The pathways should be clear of snow so that people don’t take a shortcut by walking on the grass. In addition, you should not park a car or other vehicle on the lawn to prevent damage to the grass.

5. Weed the Lawn


Weeding the lawn is important during the winter. You should remove weeds and other invasive plants from the lawn. Mowing the lawn will also prevent new weeds from growing on the lawn.

You watch out for and remove henbit, dandelions, creeping Charlie and other weeds that are particularly invasive. Dig up the weeds or use a herbicide to remove the invasive weeds from the lawn. The herbicide will be more effective if you use them at the start of the winter when the temperature has not dropped too low.



Lawn care should continue during the winter. You must mow the lawn using a lawn mower at the appropriate height. Moreover, it is important to fertilize, aerate, and remove weeds to ensure proper growth of grass during the cold season.

You should also maintain the lawn mower during the winter. It is important to change the oil and replace damaged blades to ensure that the mower operates properly.

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