Alabama Outdoor Power Equipment Chainsaw


A chainsaw is an essential tool that can be used for several purposes. Whether you use a chainsaw for cutting fireplace wood or trimming shrubs and trees, the outdoor power equipment requires a bit of care. Routine maintenance is important to keep the chainsaw running properly and safely while also extending its lifespan.

The following outdoor power equipment tips can help you keep your chainsaw in tip-top condition:

1. Use Oil After Every Use

A chainsaw should be well oiled to work properly. Oiling helps prevent friction between its bar and chain. The chain won’t turn quickly and the chainsaw could overheat when there is not enough oil.

Alabama outdoor power equipment experts suggest that you oil your chainsaw after every use. Even if you have used the tool for a few minutes, you should fill the oil reservoir. This will ensure that the chain is kept lubricated, thereby preventing wear and tear. Less friction will be created due to which the tool won’t heat up.

Make sure that you buy a quality chain and bar oil. A high quality oil is thicker than an inferior oil brand. It will ensure that the chainsaw lasts for a long time and works efficiently, whether you use it for clearing shrubs or cutting wood.

2. Sharpen it

Look closely at the chainsaw when using it to see if it discharges saw chips or sawdust. If the tool is discharging sawdust, the blade may be too blunt. The blade may also require sharpening if it seems to jump when using it.

Check the depth of the cutters using a depth gauge and round off with a file as required.

You should sharpen the cutters on both sides, spinning the chain as you go. The entire process will take about 15 to 20 minutes. Consider checking the manual to find out the proper file for sharpening the chains.

3. Adjust the Height of the Raker

A raker is that part of the chainsaw that controls the depth of the cut. You should make sure that the height of the raker is slightly above the cutters. This is important to ensure smooth functioning of the tool.

If the raker height is too high as compared to the cutter, the saw will jump and prevent proper cutting.  On the other hand, if the height of the raker is too low, it will go over the wood without cutting it. So, proper adjustment of the raker height is essential to ensuring that the chainsaw works smoothly.

4. Clean it

Debris from tree sap and sawdust may get stuck to the chainsaw. So, you need to clean the tool after every use to ensure that it works efficiently.

Clean the chain by soaking it in a mixture of water and ammonia for half an hour. You should use a soft brush to clean the debris from the chain. Rinse the chain with water after cleaning and dry it thoroughly to avoid rusting.

After cleaning the chain, you should put it back on the saw and tighten it. There should be no slack in the chain. It should give about 1/8-inch when stretched and snap back when released.

You should also clean the chain groove of the bar after each use. Consider flipping the bar over after use as it will prevent wear and tear, thereby extending the lifespan of the outdoor power equipment.

Final Takeaway

Chainsaws are dependable tools when maintained properly. With routine maintenance, you can make the most out of the outdoor power equipment. If you want to ensure that the equipment delivers the best performance each time and lasts for a long time, you should follow the tips mentioned in this article.