You may be thinking, “why on earth would I read about mowing the lawn?” I’ll tell you.

Nobody wants to be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. It’s just as bad as it was being bullied for the type of clothes you were wearing in grade school. If only mom had let you get the Nikes.

Well now it’s entirely in your control, and what’s more, you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on it.

Oh, you don’t say? Now you’re curious about the best techniques you should use to mow your lawn? Read on to find five tips that will take your lawn from the laughing stock of the block party to the pride and joy of your culdesac.

The Amount and Cut of the Grass

Grass is not just grass. There are different qualities of grass. So if you have low-quality grass to start with, and a patchy lawn to boot, you’ll want to consider going out and getting some high-quality sod.

If you have good grass and good coverage, you may be still wondering why your lawn cut doesn’t quite turn out to look like the ones you see in the major league baseball games.

Make sure that you’re cutting the grass at about 1/3 of its original length. If you don’t cut enough it will look unkempt. If you cut too much you run the risk of causing your lawn damage. Nobody likes brown grass. It’s simply ugly.

Leave Your Clippings on the Lawn

You may think that you don’t want to leave clumps of grass clippings because it would be untidy. You don’t. On the other hand, you do want to leave your trimmings on the lawn. Make sure you dump your clippings on the already cut side of the lawn.

The clippings restore necessary nutrients and nitrogen to the lawn.

Sharpen Your Blades Every Year and Follow the Fertilizing Schedule

This may seem obvious, but the sharper your blades are, the more thorough they will cut your grass. Make sure to schedule a time every year to keep your mower in tip-top shape. Nobody likes a dull boy, least of all your lawn.

If you want your lawn to look spick and span, you’ve got to be sharp.

Bonus tip: An often overlooked factor is following when to fertilize your lawn. Different types of turfgrass require different schedules. If you don’t pay attention to their schedule, don’t expect them to thrive.

Change Your Mowing Pattern Every Time You Mow

Every time you mow the lawn, the grass adjusts its grain to your pattern. Why do you think they get so artistic at ball parks? Over time, mowing in the same direction can lead to grass no longer growing in certain areas of your lawn.

Grass can begin to lean a certain way when you cut it one way over and over again. It can also produce ruts.

Mow the Lawn When the Grass Is Dry

If you mow your lawn when the grass is wet, it can cause clumping. Dryness keeps the grass erect so that its easier to mow at a consistent height.

Mow the Lawn to Perfection

Take pride when you mow the lawn. It shouldn’t be looked at as a boring chore. it should be looked at as an outward projection of how neat and tidy your home looks.