Power Grader PRO – 60″

Our Widest and Fastest Power Grader! The 60″ PRO with Powered Remote features the convenience of push-button adjustment of grading depth while you grade. The cabled remote control is operable from your tow vehicle so you can raise and lower the 14 grading teeth while you drive. You can start high, and lower the tines a bit with each pass.

Feature Summary:

  • Push-button adjustment of grading depth
  • 14 carbide-tipped teeth, 60″ wide grading width
  • Tows behind any utility- or lawn-tractor (min. 19 HP) or ATV

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Height 17″
Length 85″
Shipping Weight 226 lbs.
Weight 175 lbs.
Width 60″
Shipping Dimensions 22″ L x 61″ W x 14.75″ H
Assembly Some Assembly required
Actuator Electric actuator w/ 4″ stroke
Highest Teeth Level 4.5″ above ground
Leveling Blade Solid 1/4″ thick steel
Lowest Teeth Level 9/16″ below ground
Side Rails Solid 10 gauge steel
Teeth Carbide-Tipped Steel, 14
Dimensions 11″ diameter
Number of Tires 2
Machine Warranty 2 yrs Residential Use – 90 days Commercial Use
Hitch Type Pin or Ball
Battery 12V-9AH